Monday, November 15, 2010

...Cents, Dollar, Lots Oh my!

So there is this crazy lady I know with two little ones, that have my heart forever. Also known as My oldest Sister and her babies. anyway Said "Crazy lady" likes to take a break every now and then and goes on adventures with me our favorite, Dollar Tree, well this was a special day and we decided to venture to new heights, ...yep 99 Cent store ha ha. Of course she has a better eye than myself but..hey I have the blog so. I found an adorable Happy Holidays Banner aka "Christmas Cheer Chipboard Garland Kit". (Alright she found it) It is by K&Company! An amazing find if I do say so myself. List price is about $6.99. My mom, two sisters and myself all own this little beauty now!

Can't wait for maybe another ....what? Five seconds? to put it up?

Another night, with another crazy lady (aka Sister #2, or as I affectionately call her "Snot face", (anyone see Drop dead Fred?) anyway her and Bama aka her Fiance like to go on adventures with me too. What can I say they just love me, and I them! So I hear Crazy2 get super excited, peer around the corner and she has a huge smile on her face and something hidden behind her back. She says No you can't have it, before I have seen it and then she shows me....

Hello! Amazing. Ostrich Make-Up bag? Is it a Jessica oh no honey, its a SOHO, London, New York. It is adorable is what it is. And the price? $5.00. Yep five big smackers. Now this isn't my find again but she doesn't have a blog either (Say a little prayer that she doesn't start one, you never know what she would say about you, your neighbor or well anyone.) Love you Crazy2!

Until next time,

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