Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I don't want to brag.....

But what the heck! Why not -

Okay back story ~ Once upon a time yours truly went to college and stayed. Yep I work at my Alma Mater and love it to pieces! I have THEE best co-workers, THEE most amazing cubicle and THEE most amazing students to work for! Well one of the fun perks of my job is that I get to live the college life, still even as staff. There is always something fun going on, on campus! and boy do I love being a staff member at this wonderful University. Yep so here we go. I recently added our campuses Starbucks, yep our very own cute Starbucks INSIDE our beautiful library. Anyway, they picked me! What I mean by that is I am their Facebook Fan of the Week. Now I have to admit, I love love love the guys upstairs, meaning Campus Coffee which is this amazing little coffee cart that is on campus. What I love about Campus Coffee is that their coffee kept me awake through my many Literature Theory classes. If you know anything about LTWR Theory classes its, that the people who take them don't pass the class without - A. Being slightly confused during class and B. Nietzsche, Foucault, Althusser and Freud mean, lots of reading and COFFEE! Well most of my classes were by the Campus Coffee cart so it was much easier to go there than the Starbucks on campus, but this week I have been to the Starbucks more in the past few days than I have in a year, easy!

 (Does this look like it could be Kanye?

This illustrious title means. drum roll please: 1 Free grande drink of my choice!! and 20% Off for the entire week!!! Hello Holiday Menu! Yep I have had a ridiculous amount of coffee, which I assume is the purpose, to have us buy more. But wow. I love it, little did I know (until the Manager told me) I could get 20% off their Christmas Items, they put them up yesterday. I bought one cup because of course I was getting a deal. Straight up Celebrity Deal. I went back today and there were NO MORE of this cup. I adore it, you will love it. Hello my pretty little thing...

(STARBUCKS)RED Jonathan Adler Holiday To-Go Mug by Starbucks Coffee
12-oz. $10.95. But not for me! Woo Hoo! and $1.00 to Joinred!
I love campaign Red, check it out -

Then I got off work and had some time to kill - So where does any Frugal shopper go? Target of course!

I started in the clothing section, not just any section. To the clearance and only to the 75% off rack, why bother with 30%? Just wait a week and its yours for 75% off, right? Uh oh was that a secret? Sorry Target.

Okay so this is what I found!!

Juniors Plus-Size Pure Energy Ebony Rouched 3/4-Sleeve Fashion Blazer, $34.99 - Please you know me better than that right?..... $8.74 people. yep I love it. It can be paired with anything!! Any pattern color, heels, flats etc. And it is ridiculously soft! Double Love. Comfy and Classic, yes please.

Whats next, this was a snag.. these are called "Jeggings" Now I am getting semi comfortable wearing leggings out around town, so these were an impulse. I will review and let you know how I like them. They look like jeans, are the softest material and are just like leggings...ahem Jeggings. I don't think I love the name... 

Juniors' Plus-Size Pure Energy Blue Denim Straight-Leg Jeggings Originally priced: 24.99, my price? $4.24. hehe I love it.

I also hit a book sale on campus! 25 Cents for paper backs, $1.00 for hardbacks.
I got The Joy of Cooking paper back, volume 1&2, for 50 Cents! SCORE! I just finished watching Julie and Julia so I want a Julia Child's Cookbook but this is like 1 degree of separation so I had to! I also found some amazing deals for my sister Crazy1, for her Pre-School class. The HUGE story books, and posters with fun songs for her little friends! I got about 4 posters and 3 big books for $4.75. If I wanted to go get these books and take a picture I would but...I don't so you get ....

Well that was it..hehe in ONE day! Target should start paying me.....oh how I wish.

My Wish list Item this week:

It's cost: $2.99. I am pretty sure I can swing that, but a little birdie told me next week is BOGO at the Drugstores so I hope Wet n' Wild is one of the brands! BOGO; Buy One Get One. Learn It, Live it.

PS. still want the gold watch

Hope your week is well. If I liked the idea of "Hump Day" I would wish you one, but I don't so.
I hope you have had a great week so far, happy clearance shopping!!

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