Monday, November 08, 2010

-- Well this is it...

It is a little weird typing to myself. Starting a blog is a little intimidating, yikes! Now don't get me wrong, I am not really the shy type of person, quite the opposite. But I am now doing something that....Amanda does! ( (I love her times 12), or J from (! I will be mentioning several others later.

So what is this blog for? Well I am a bit of a Frugal Franny, I don't really shop, so much as hunt. I hunt for the best deal. I get this from my parents, they LOVE to find a bargain, I know all of the best Thrift Stores in the Southern California area, more so the Riverside County and Northern San Diego County areas. Yep, I spent my youth in the good ol' Previa, (or as I affectionate refer to it "The G Ride"), driving around finding deals. Don't get me wrong we do shop elsewhere, but it is something that we all love to do, find the BEST for the Least amount of doll-hairs possible. (Doll-Hairs =Dollars) Learn it, live it.

Anyway, this blog will be a random assortment of goodies! I don't really limit myself to one sort of clearance section. So here I will share my recent finds, recent loves on youtube ahem lolamarie7, my recent makeovers, my recent purchases (because I am the QUEEN of finding something in a store, holding it for an hour and then putting it back on the shelf for someone else...) I have reverse buyers remorse. Instead of buying and then feeling remorseful, I don't buy it and then dream of my find. Ah yes, I still remember that amazing 7 dollar orange glass jar from Home goods earlier today, something I fell in love with and then up and walked away. Oy. Well next time.

For now..I will leave you with my current love: This baby is 30 bones at It is something I have put in my cart at least 5 times, added a coupon code and then stopped.

Ugh do companies hate people like me or what? Well if you are feeling generous I will gladly provide you my contact info

Bye loves,

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  1. M, this is awesome and I feel like I am reading about myself. Keep it up, I will look forward to your posts :)

    xoxo, fellow blogger