Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I cannot even tell you how many of these I have made. At first I thought eh not my thing. I am fond of painting furniture or "upcyclying" pieces but this time I decided to be crafty! Yes me and my hot glue gun had some fun. So here is what you do....

1. Go to Wal-mart, or your local fabric store. If you are at Wal-Mart head over to the cutting board in the craft section and weasel your way...practically under the cutting table. The official fabric cutter won't mind, the people waiting for their fabric might give you a look like? Um? Why are you on your hands and knees digging in the trash? Well Ah Ha lady, while you pay $$$ for fabric I pay $....maybe even just the S.
Should you forget just remember the word: Remnant.
Adjective: Remaining.
Noun: A small remaining quantity of something

2. Pick up your favorite colors of these "Remnants" they will vary based on what kind of fabric and how large the remnant is. Some are even on clearance. I have gotten some for just about nothing, .33 cents

3. Alright next step Buy them.
4. Call up a friend; in my case I called MSquared. She is a great friend and up for any of my crafty shenanigans, so I called her over and we tried this out. I may have lost the pictures of ...Steps 1-4 and maybe 5 and 6. So instead I will provide a link, ah I hate when others do this, BUT this is pretty close to what I did. The only difference is after tying an end of the fabric I immediately start twisting the fabric around the knot. I do this 3-4 times and then glue the piece I am twisting to the small rose I have going on...

6. After I finish gluing the last end piece under my rosette, I hot glue them to a piece of felt. Sometimes I glue them on one large sheet of felt and others I cut a little circle. Then I glue them to Pins, Hair Clips or Headbands! I also bought a bag of plastic pearls and added them to the rosettes that needed something extra, I also had some antique buttons so I used those too. Here are a few of my newest clips... I have also used flowers and those are much faster, but it is hard to find really fun and colorful fake flowers...

7. Enjoy! and Share! I recently posted on my facebook a Pay it forward, I sent a few different kind of rosettes to my friends. Such a fun way to get in touch with old friends. I also made some for my co-workers for Christmas, we don’t really give each other gifts but I felt like doing something fun for them

8. Bye Loves

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  1. You can also use scraps from clothing you might have otherwise donated or thrown away. I've started doing this for projects and you would be surprised by how much you can salvage (don't forget the buttons!)