Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Time flys when you are having fun....finding deals!

Dear Readers ...or just Mrs. Roundy,

Here is my current love: Watches.

Now you remember that I because obsessed with this little baby.

Well I must confess this is the only watch I have been wearing since I got it so worth the $30, I bought it for.
Well this week one of my amazing co-workers complimented the watch and asked me if it was a Kors. I was thrilled for obvious purposes but I told him the truth. Nope it’s a dupe. He was shocked and I told him the price, insert shocked face here.

Imagine my surprise when I receive an email from Shock Boutique a few minutes later!!

They were having a discount and wouldn't you know it, the same one they had on Cyber Monday! 30% off! Well I found my way to the watches section, because why change a good thing right? And then I saw him. Yes him, My Gold watch is clearly a female and she needed a companion and at 30% off (which is basically free shipping)... I had to.

Please welcome Mr. Black to my watch collection. Can you call it a collection when you only have two?

Mr. Black:
This Black Ceramic Watch features a black dial, gold minute markers, gold second markers around face of watch, a push button deployment clasp and an acrylic-like wristband.
Face is approx 1.5” x 1”5”
Additional Information


Availability: Out of stock

Need I remind you that I always put things I love in my cart? Well I did, then closed my browser and had another co-worker come in. I showed her and she said, Yes you should get it so... when I opened the browser back up I saw Sorry, Sold Out... then i looked up to my cart......and I had (1)... Yep it saved it for me. FATE.

I bought this YESTERDAY!!! (Wednesday) I got it today Fast Shipping!! (Did I overnight it? NOPE)

Or check out their blog at:

Thank you Shock Boutique
Thank you Co-Workers
Thank you Readers!!


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