Sunday, March 13, 2011

....Dentist Friendly

Well well well we meet again! Here is something that I think is important, Dental Care. Now I am not saying my teeth are the best on the block but it is major. Here are some teeth that quite frankly scare me.

<- AH. Sure she fixed them but...the memory still lingers
<- His teeth are not the only thing that freaks me out about this character
<- I will not share my nickname for this disney gal

<- Gotta add him for good measure, how do you care for these babies?

So you must be thinking yeah yeah what is her point? Well there it is, teeth + toothpaste = A world of difference!

Enter Maya at Walgreens tonight, bam she needs toothpaste, walks over and see's Discount!!
Originally $4.99
Cost $1.29!
I haven't used this product before and I will review it later but I was so excited to share this with you!!

*I just used it and my teeth feel squeaky clean! - If you do end up getting this, take note of what you have to do to get the toothpaste to dispense, a little ridiculous right? Still, I like the product

Next up Beauty! What is better than FREE? Nada. That's what. Every now and then I will go on the Wal Mart website and see what new products I can try, I sign up and a few weeks later I get to try them!  Here I got a Maybelline FITME Foundation sample. They gave me enough samples to go around the neighborhood and try it on all the beauties!

Thanks Wal-Mart!

Under each of the small rectangles is a sample of that shade. I love it!

Again with the FREEEEE
How many times have you gone to Victoria's Secret picked out a cute pair of undies and paid nothing for them? Well this is a first for me.
I got a coupon card and really should have taken a picture of it sorry! That said come in and get a free Ruched front, you could pick from Hipster, Bikini, or Thong.

This is my FAVORITE kind of receipt:

One more steal of a deal that I got at Target this past week....

I typically hate Plus-Size clothing, one being, I would much rather be able to buy everything in Forever21 than just one itty bitty disorganized section, However Target has up'd their game. Sure there are always those AWFUL V-necks that apparently us bigger girls love, yuck. But I found something real cute,  Pure Energy! This line always has something cute out there, which makes me happy. (Sure it is one to many $$'s in my book but..cute nonetheless) So imagine my excitement as I found this beauty!
Originally: $24.99
Cost: $6.49

Well off to find more bargains!


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  1. haha! funny post girly! I was wondering what the heck happened to Hillary Duffs chompers! Weird.