Monday, April 25, 2011

...My First Love..

Nail Polish!

Have you ever changed your nail polish every day for a week? Well let me tell you, it is wonderful yellow Monday, blue Tuesday, pink Wednesday, taupe Thursday, red Friday, purple Saturday, and green Sunday. Why not? Here is the thing; I don't do this every week, that would be ridiculous, but two-three times a week....guilty. I change my nail polish a LOT. Enough to where my ex-boyfriend actually noticed and my co-workers began to look concerned. BUT here is the thing, I work "part-time" what I mean by "part-time" is that I work in the office part time and then I come home and get back to work. I know, I shouldn't because I am not being paid for this time etc. but I do. I want my program to be the most successful program and that is that. So this basically means that I have more time than the average full-time, in-office or cubicle worker. I have from 3:00 - whenever I fall asleep to do whatever I want.

Here is where nail polish entered my life, I remember being a little girl and my mom gave me this book.

I began to try the flowers, the polka dots and the unbelievably easy French Tip. Yes, I tell you without lying that I do not have to use a brush or tape to make a straight line. I could rival some nail salon ladies. So anyway that is where the habit began, soon after I remember being given a goodie bag from a party and I got this amazing Dark Blue Wet N' Wild Nail Polish. I ran that brush on my nails as fast as I could and began waving at everyone showing it off...until... Mom saw. She wasn't having dark nails in 6th grade, more like 16! Yes 16!! Could you die? Thanks mom.

Luckily by that time Lauren Conrad began wearing black nails and every other celebutante so
I was in the clear!

Okay so at this point you are thinking:
 really though...did you get a deal or not?

I SURE did little darlings I SURE did
ahem...and even better you get a story with that too!

1. Showing a skillful use of underhanded tactics to achieve goals.
2. (of a route or
journey) Longer and less direct than the most straightforward way.

Alright well I have to confess I got an extra deal today. So this store had a sale and they had a limit of 3 nail polishes. So I bought 3. So I bought 3 and then added one extra because I felt that I could afford the extra at $1.99. So. One .99 Two .99 and another .99 plus an extra $1.99. Well guess what. I was being honest and was ready to get the fourth for $1.99. I got in my car and realized that the 4th was $.99.

Well me being foolishly frugal...I may or may not have gone back to conduct an official experiment....

Brand: Sinful Colors Professional
Store: Wal-Greens
Cost: .99 cents ~ limit 3ish


Colors Left to Right:
Hazard, Nirvana, Big Daddy, Cream Pink, Cream Pink, Fly Away, and Dream On.

     Experiment successful.


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  1. WOW! You did get a deal!! I love all the OPI colors at the top! OPI has the best shades right?! Keep up the blogging girl...its gooood.