Friday, June 24, 2011

-- EYE love it

I was recently asked what I like to do for fun.
Here was my list
Watch Movies
Spend time with Family/Friends

Find an amazing deal! Pathetic?
Oh what do you know ;)

So yesterday I stayed a little late after work and decided to go to one of my favorite college poor-girl finds. This store is in an area I affectionately call.... "The Barrio" it isn't that bad but I like to name everything that meets my eye. So I went and found a great little love.

Brand/Name: Eyeshadow Long Dress, Strapless Straight Ruffled Eyelet Empire A-Line Maxi

Originally Priced: $48.00
I paid:$9.99!!
My Dress is black, but I couldn't for the life of it find the black version so here is a purple one.

There is also a makeup section at this place: It has all sorts of different makeup for ONE dollar. Yes, it is a cash only place which is a little odd but everything is sealed and safe so I got a few trinkets

Kleancolor Eyeshadow: American Eyedol Wet/Dry Baked Shadow, in Bronze. $1.00

I love a good bronze/gold color, it is the perfect summer look! You could also use a little bit on your shoulders to enhance your summer glow

L'OREAL Paris, HIP (High Intensity Pigments) Cream Shadow/Paint - 809 Lofty. $1.00

I love this product, if you are MAC kind of gal/guy this would be like a painterly paint pot. It doesn't crease, it added a great amount of color and this would be a great product to travel with you, if you dont have a lot of time you could apply it to your lids with some mascara for a really easy look under 1 minute!

L'OREAL Paris, HIP Pure Pigment Shadow Stick, 834 Alluring $0.50
L'OREAL Paris, HIP Pure Pigment Shadow Stick, 858 Exquisite $0.50

These little babies are new and I am so excited to use them!
 I love using Pigments!   "The most basic definition of a pigment describes it as a type of material which affects the color of light reflection and absorption."

L'OREALParis, HIP Jelly Balm, 720 Luscious
I found one of these at a Dollar store in the past and fell in love! Great color, very light and not goopy. Perfect for summer!

I also made a little trip to Forever 21 in Anaheim. I like to call this place Heaven. There is one amazing quality for plus size women at this store. There is an entire section for YOU. It is beautiful, organized and rarely do you see a size 2 in your section. But when you do they typically look at a size and say something rude like "Ugh who wears this" .... nice huh? But then I laugh and try to hold myself back from pointing at the 5 other areas in the store devoted to them.

So I made a trip, headed to their amazing clearance racks and found these  this beauties y.

Price: 11 dollars, Yellow tag deal

Well shucks I have two floral tops one for work and one everyday but I can't find their pictures. Once I find them I will update this post.

The other reason I love Forever 21 Anaheim is because ...wait for it...

It is two stories.

The top level is all sale/clearance.

Need I say more?

Until next time.


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