Tuesday, July 19, 2011

-- Summer Beauty 5

Covergirl Smoothers Spf 15 Tinted Moisturizer

$7.00 at Target
This is a great light coverage moisturizer for summer! I have noticed that my winter make-up routine is just not working for this ridiculous California heat. So I am leaving my foundations at home and taking this with me! I use a foundation stippling brush to blend this into my skin and then I use a kabuki brush with a little of this powder. Love true match. Coincidentally I use a little bronzer that is my....

NYC Bronzer: Sunny

This is a very matte bronzer that I like to use to contour my cheeks during winter. Summer on the other hand I like to use it along my t-zone to add a little kick to my already golden skin tone.This is about $3.00 so it doesn't break the bank!

Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Tin

I prefer the tin to the stick. Own both, use both and there really is zero difference.
I am not a very organic/ natural buyer but I really enjoy the kick this stuff has... try it and you will know what I mean. Again this runs about $3.00, it is a very small tin but it goes a long way.

Smith's Rosebud Salve

Okay I know- I know one after another much? Yep another lip product. But, this one comes with a story! One day my friend and I decided to go to new york. Yes that simple. In one day. well 6 days later we were off to the airport to go! Jet Setters? Nope. Her aunt worked for an airline and graciously gave us stand by passes.
One thing you know if you fly stand by is that you NEVER check your luggage. Because it might be there but you might not. I am pretty sure Keep Calm and Carry On was really meant for this, sorry British Government.
Well there I was ready to go through security and TSA kindly asked to go through my bag. My first thought, I seriously have every bottle in its own huge plastic ziploc, what is the problem. Well my #4 was the culprit. I was even asked to throw it away. GASP. The TSA agent had about a 4.3 in personality already but then she uttered that question. The question that made me cringe.
As I was almost in tears about having to throw my little baby love away, she says....
" Haven't you heard of chapstick" BAM.
Knife in my heart.
This little beauty is heaven. It looks precious, smells lovely and reminds me of my mother. Hence why it was in my luggage. My mother and I are best friends, I wanted something useful that I could pack that would remind me of her. Miss TSA unfortunately had no problemo throwing it in the trash right in front of my very very sad eyes.
I have and  love the Original, Brambleberry Rose and my late-strawberry

A little pricey at $7 a tin, but it lasts FOREVER. Unless you don't give it it's own plastic baggy in your luggage and the TSA has the grinches heart.

MAC Turquatic

You know that scent that just works for everyone, but smells differently on everyone too?
This is mine.
My older sister introduced me to this perfume and then my other sister was wearing it one day, two completely different smells.
I was wearing yesterday and was asked what I was wearing, my friend owns it and also made the comment that it smelt nothing like that on her. Amazing

I had a small heart attack when my local hipster MAC girl told me it was gone gone gone forever.No details. Well thank goodness for a little google action. It is back re-packaged and they made a larger bottle!
For anyone that gets two for a special someone for both birthday and Christmas this is great! hint hint wink wink.

Loving the new packaging

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Thanks http://www.glitterglossgarbage.com/ for the great info!

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