Sunday, August 21, 2011

-- But seriously, I am addicted.

I am not proud.
I am ashamed.
It is compulsive.

My name is Maya and I am a watch-oholic. 

Okay remember my gold watch? 

Well I started wearing it DAILY. Which resulted in a few dings here and there, nothing too crazy but I wanted to make sure that I got a back-up just in case something happened to it. Well my darling friend has a Michael Kors watch that she spent some moola on but she invested in a great timepiece. It is beautiful, it is large and in charge and I am jealous every time I see it on her cute little wrist. Well then my frugal mind got to thinking, I could invest in a REAL MK or get another "Folex" well I am in between positions at work so I decided to do what would make me happy, save money and go on an adventure to get it!

I headed over to which has a ton of cool watches. At first I typed in Gold Watch (women's) And then I realized that what I wanted was LARGE so I took a look at the men's and Geneva Platinum (Common brand)  And then I found him.

Brand: Geneva Platinum
Price: $20-30 (depending on style)

I haven't named him yet but oh how wonderful is he?
Here is the real version of the watch

Michael Kors:
Seen at Splendora

The color is a little off but I am going to take a picture when I get it and let you know how it looks :) One more great thing about Overstock they give you a warranty deal(4.99+) so if anything happens to it I can send it back and they will either fix it, give me a new one or give me a full refund. How often do you get that option? 
- Ah wait one more, Shipping is $2.98. Seriously ah-mazing.

Now before I go any further I need to thank someone!

She started a great link party on her Facebook . I went from 5 Followers to 12 in one day. I felt like I was writing to two people and now I am even more eager to keep this up. More to come and maybe a giveaway? 
Question 1: Who is interested?
Oh and Miss Mommy is extra amazing because she is from Australia!! I am from California and I personally think basically any state is better than this state mainly because we don't have accents! 
Question 2: Where is everyone from!?



  1. seriously blushing over here...
    I also have a watch obsession. I have 1 guess watch, a fossil watch and another white fossil watch. All have different looks and I select carefully which one I wear with each outfit.

    I do live in Australia, but I'm a canadian from Toronto. LOOOONG story that I might blog about one day soon :)

    Love reading your blog and i'm so happy we are bloggy friends :)

  2. Having a watch obsession is totally fine in my book! Love all the ones you listed!