Wednesday, August 10, 2011

- Madden Girl

My newest find came tonight while shopping with a dear friend! Among the ridiculous glitter heels, crocs and absurd tall stilettos, I found these. Sure they were a 1/2 size too small... but I tried them and they fit PERFECTLY! (don't you love when that happens?)

Madden Girl: Kleyo

Amazon lists these at $39.96 - $49.95
I got them for $20.00 +tax

Luckily, I was wearing THE perfect trouser pants tonight to really get the idea of wearing these day to day or to work! They are so comfortable. I am also in love with the color of these for fall outfits too! Go Me! ...And my friend that made me just put them in my hand and go, without doing my "thing" aka. hold it and then put it back and leave.

I must say. I LOVE Madden Girl. I have a few pairs of heels and a few pairs of sandals but these are on a whole other level. To die for.