Monday, August 15, 2011

- Ruby Jane

If you 
 have a baby
(give it an extra few kisses today),
love babies
 (smile at all that you see today),

have any little ones in your family
 (give them hugs and kisses and smiles today)

I encourage you to read this blog. Read Ruby's story...I must tell you, you will cry.  

If you can make a donation or a bid on any of the beautiful items


all were donated to raise money for Baby Ruby Jane's medical expenses and all profits go to their family to help with medical expenses and other costs
Let's do what is right, do what we can and help others like we should.

Think of Ani
Think of Matt
Think of Kate

Rest in Peace Baby Ruby

*Several of my friends know this family personally,
this child was precious and pure and this is in no way a scam, lie etc.*

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