Sunday, September 04, 2011

-- New Puppies and New Cake!

 -- I just got a new puppy! Her name is Penny Lou. She is adorable! - See below.

I got her last night from my sister. Her two dogs, Olivia and Bama had six puppies! They were all adorable and I wanted to keep every single one. Luckily, four were spoken for, Mine, Tan Puppy, Lily (sister kept one) and Little Girl. My sister sold one to a nice family and there was one left over...and my mom said she would HATE for them to have to go to the pet store to be sold. So....Introducing.... Mr. Winston Alvarez.

 YAY two new puppies!!! I LOVE them and want to kiss them all day long.

We celebrated Labor Day today at my parents house and I said I would make dessert. I thought long and hard...and that produced S'mores brownies, to which I got some hesitant looks. So I grabbed my computer and googled "blog; desserts" then dad said Coconut Cake (his kryptonite) so then I googled "blog; coconut cake" and after a few posts I found this recipe first of all Miss Patsy is the cutest name so it had me sold. 
Yes she had me at Miss Patsy.
Well my <3 and I decided to venture to the store and get the ingredients. He decided he wanted the to use White Cake instead, so we did that. OMG. HEAVEN.

Recipe:  White Cake Mix (which you will prepare according to package directions), Cream of Coconut, sweetened flaked coconut, sweetened condensed milk, and some whipped topping*. See recipe here




Make cake as usual:

In separate bowl combine Cream of Coconut and Sweetened Condensed Milk, refrigerate while the cake is cooking.

RIGHT after your cake is out of the over start poking the cake with a fork. Get your Coconut&Milk mixture and pour over cake. (yes while the cake is still hot)

** Also grab a cookie sheet and your coconut and sprinkle the coconut evenly on your sheet, bake for 10-15 minutes **

Let the mixture soak into your cake until you cake is cool. 

Your cake will "poof" up a little!
When your cake is done, grab your Cool Whip and ice your cake.

Sprinkle your toasted coconut on your cake!
                I only toasted a little bit, so in this part I mixed toasted and non-toasted coconut on top

 Seriously. This is what I think heavens clouds are made of.

 Yes the Cream of Coconut and Sweetened Milk added SO much flavor to the white cake, it makes this amazing sweet, coconut gooey cake..and the blend of toasted and non-toasted coconut adds the perfect crunchy.

Happy Labor Day All



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  1. Yummy!!! This look so good!! I dont see the pic of the puppt though :( You are more than welcome to bring her over here! :)