Sunday, October 30, 2011

--Halloween Surprises


I decided, on a whim to make caramel apples on All-Hallows Eve, Eve. 

Here is a little factoid about me
I wait until the last possible second to think of surprises for my co-workers!

Well there I went with the boy toy to the store(s) three, yes three stores. yuck.

Got home.
Thought it would be easy
Unwrapped three bags worth of caramels (why the HECK didn't I buy the caramel "melts" these little caramel balls that had no plastic wrapping on them? The world will never know.
Cleaned the apples, put a stick in each apple, melted the caramels
Got annoyed with the process half way in, I need to work out my arms a litle more - yikes!
Caramel melts FAST, sooo fast that I caramel-ed 4 apples went to put some sprinkles on them and all the sprinkles bounced from the caramel-ed apples to the floor, or stove or kitchen counter. 
Basically everywhere BUT the apples
Asked my Mom for extra help and the boy toy
She stirred the caramel, I dipped and he well....he "helped" ;)
Then I was done! 
I thought they were about a 3.5 out of 10 
So I then I went to package them
bum bum bummmmm
Lesson Learned

WAX paper is NOT enough for caramel apples!
When the package says: Butter Wax paper and you think to yourself
"Why would you need to "butter" WAX paper, puh-please Caramel candies maker, what do you know?" - Stop thinking, read the recipe and follow the directions 
Please please please follow the directions

I had to google how to make these babies presentable..or even surprise worthy, gift-able?

After heating the oven, sticking the apple in the 10 seconds and then ripping the wax paper off the caramel apples, burning your finger in the process you really don't even care if you get one.

True Story.
 I packaged them and went upstairs to see anything but those little monstrosities.

Pictures to follow


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