Monday, October 24, 2011

"It's my best thing"

Favorite things:

Sending Cards to people. 
I remember when pen pals used to be the coolest thing, however it didn't go too far, more like passing notes in class then sending across the US of A. I think it is fun to send my friends near and far a little something for them to remember that just because we don't talk everyday, doesn't mean I don't think of them, love them and wish them the best, daily.

Trader Joe's

I basically love everything in this store, from the creatively designed products, to the prices, to the checker today telling me she thought I was a celebrity based on my style (which, was nothing to write home about, but she made my day!)

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-- Also these babies,
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If I fall asleep before I finish this post..sorry...zzz

Travel Bag

My Jessica Simpson Havana Nights Travel bag has been near and far, but most recently from San Diego, to Riverside County to Los Angeles, and to San Marcos.

I live about 45 minutes from work, 1 hour + 25 minutes from my boyfriend, 30 minutes from my best friend and have friends in between, needless to say, I travel A LOT! I use up a lot of gas, keep half of my closet in the trunk of my car and stay at my Boyfriend or Best Friends at least once a week until I find a place of my own.

CND Super Shiney Top Coat

This stuff makes your nail polish look awesome and clearly "super shiney"
*they spelt it that way not me*

5. Old Navy Fall Sales (prices coming soon)


I hope this colder weather says around for awhile, I love it!!


ps. refer to #2 if none of this makes sense, it kicked it quickly!

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