Sunday, November 27, 2011

-- Cider and Spice

I have tried a few different Apple Spice recipes and unfortunately they have been a little pricey! 

I spend close to $20 for ingredients that may or may not have been natural and packed with sugar.

Yesterday, while my boyfriend and my brother in law watched the Alabama/Auburn game... or should I say the Alabama domination!! Roll Tide Roll!!!!

My sister and I sat, ate pizza, pinned on pinterest and thoroughly enjoyed our time watching the game. and pinning til our fingers hurt. I decided we needed a little something since the boys were drinking their favorite winter lager.

So I picked up this little glass jar, my sister heated it up in a pan and we sipped the perfect blend of cider and spice!

I got mine in the fruits and veggies section of Ralphs, 
which is a Kroger company for any mid-west, southern or east coast readers, 
for $1.99, it made about 3 full coffee mugs. The best part about this blend is that it is 100% juice! Yes it is extra calories but knowing that they are natural calories makes me think it isn't the worst thing for my body, right?


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