Friday, November 25, 2011

Old Navy $0.75 dress?

"Steal of a Deal"
This is a quote i commonly say while shopping for two reasons,

1. I am always buying things from the clearance rack
2. Because I usually feel like I am stealing by their low prices

I typically get some dirty looks, because people think because I say this I am going to steal.
I have never and will never steal. It is disgusting, there is no reason to ever steal. period.

Below you will find the story, the pictures of the items I bought and my electronic receipt that Old Navy sent me after I took advantage of their sale.

Here are the details:
My boyfriend is awesome, he gave me his $30 old navy bucks because "you will actually use it"
God love him
I put it in my wallet so after any purchase I would remember to see it, I waited until the date finally came...

I went into Old Navy and saw signs saying that their clearance was an extra 30% off,  this excited me as I knew that was exactly where I was heading.

I instantly saw this little beauty, originally priced at $44.94

I asked a Old Navy sales girl if she could tell me how much this was dress was, because it didn't have a tag, after much confusion she said, how about I say it is $13.99 so it will be around 9 dollars. I said sold and ran to the dressing room to try it on, loved it!

Then I saw a body clutch that was priced at $9.99, it was going to be around 6 dollars,
The reason I say around is because of this next part of the story..

I got in line ready to buy these two items and then looked at the old navy bucks, I needed to spend up to $20 to get at least $10 off.

So I got out of line, I went back to check on a sweater I saw that was on clearance but in different place in the store, I asked a manager if it was the same  30% off clearance for this sweater he said "yes and if anyone at the front asked tell them the bald manager said it is" with a smile.
 It was stickered at clearance for $13.99, with an additional 30% (around 9 dollars)
originally priced at $34.94!

I smiled and walked back to line,
The cashier became very confused as I was telling her all of these new prices, so she called for a manager.

The bald manager came back, he then said these beautiful words

"Okay so this black dress was bought online and then returned here, so instead of calling Old Navy online and wasting 20 minutes of your time, how about I sell it to you for $1.47" 

My mouth dropped, I smiled said thank you repeatedly and I was very close to hugging him!
I then asked, can I still use my Old Navy Bucks?
He and She both said yes!!

Here is my receipt.
Yep. $0.75 for a $44.94, dress

These are the reasons to be nice to managers, wait for good sales, use your coupons and be frugal!



  1. WOW!! Yes, it does pay to be kind sometimes!

  2. That's sweet! I don't seem to have luck like that ever! But then again i don't shop much cause id rather not here my hubby complain. I'm a new follower to. Maby. You can take a look at my blog. Monday I'm doing a giveaway cause i just got 50 followers and I'm excited about it