Wednesday, November 23, 2011

-- People watching

There really is nothing like sitting on the steps of a random building, not being quite sure of where you are but being so content with where there.

I travel now and again to different Universities, I usually have such anxiety about being late that I never get to experience the campus and enjoy watching the students hustle to and from their classrooms. This past Monday I did, I parked my car in somewhere new, found a Starbucks on campus, enjoyed my first Skinny Peppermint Mocha of the season, walked to a building that I deemed worth of my presence (fine fine it was just gorgeous and it reminded me of Gilmore Girls) and I sat. 

As I sat there sipping my mocha, I wondered who these students were, how old they were and how they crafted their outfits. 

Some looked like they had woke up and scrambled out of bed not to be late to their class not caring to even pick the down feathers from their hair, others showed school spirit with their college sweatshirts and others took time...large amounts of time to craft their ensembles.

One girl in particular I wanted to take a picture of, she wore leggings, a simple top, a distressed jean jacket and a beautiful cotton bright tomato red scarf! I LOVED it!
 I now want to find a cute jean jacket and red scarf to create something similar!

I only had my phone with me so I couldn't take too many quality pictures around me
Without looking like a complete freak.

Thank you Starbucks barista for spelling my name correctly, it really does make me feel special when they do  (it is rare)

Thank you San Diego State University for being so beautiful

and thank you to my readers! 
There aren't too many of you but I enjoy having someone to write to

...Spoiler Alert...
My next post is going to blow you away. 
I am frugal but this was just insane..

One more thing: My blog name is pronounced

foolish [foo-lish]
frugalities [froo-gal-it-ees]

Not: Froo-ga -lights or lighties* 
I love my friends!

love love love

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