Wednesday, December 21, 2011

-- Wickedly perfect December!

Here are a few of my recent frugal adventures with some helpful tips.
*No I haven't forgotten the Popcorn one. Promise....*

*Every ticket I bought for everything I have done, I received a MASSSSIVE discount on all and I explained each one below*
I took my mom to see Wicked at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles for her birthday!
*Frugal Tip: Buy your tickets early and always, always look for a discount code*

Work Holiday Party
*Frugal Tip - entertaining our 30+ people Professional and Student Staff can easily be done if you just think frugally*
What simple additions can you do to make an instant impact?
I created a Hot Chocolate Bar for our students, they raved & I blushed.
Also, look for candies that are on sale during Christmas time, or that sell in bulk!
I used: Butterscotch Chips, Mini Chocolate Chips, York Pieces, Reese's Pieces, Mini Candy Canes, and Mini Marshmallows.

Holiday Sweater
*Frugal Tip - Do it for the Children, it's less embarrassing that way.*
Even though this is a terrible terrible angle/ picture I am so confident in my ugly Christmas sweater that I will share it with you, yep all 16 of you ;)
This baby was about $4.00 at a local Thrift Store, hand beaded and perfectly gaudy.
I received many odd looks from my 14-18 y/o students, and compliments from my older staff members on the beautifully crafted piece.
Yes, it was hard not to laugh, but I took the compliments and ugly faces graciously

*Frugal Tip - Be friendly and get a Facebook*
My dear friend posted that she had some extra tickets to Seaworld, I messaged her, my boyfriend met her at her work and hours later we were watching Shamu(s) for $0.00.

Personal Frugal Tip
The Sweetheart seen below is a Marine Corps Veteran, as such he receives certain discounts and promotions for his time in the military. He got our tickets to Disneyland for a steal.
It's the least corporations could do if you ask me...
I think I phrased it either, "World peace" or "Peace on earth" when Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas last night, I was partly joking but after watching the frightening news what else could we hope for?
My sweetheart and I
My absolute favorite treat at Disneyland.
Well now that you have read what fun I have had this month, tell me!
What fun have you had!?
I adore getting those one or two comments a month but I want more.
I want to read about your adventures and frugal finds. 

Happy Holidays


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