Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let's call it what it is...

Okay this year is already flying by! I feel like I am booming at work non-stop work work work! I am an Academic Advisor and am beyond blessed to work in the office that I do. My boss is great my co-workers are amazing and I LOVE (yes with all caps) my job. But it is about 45 minutes away from where I live, which changes climates, which changes my tiredness levels and which changes the things that I love there from the things I love here at home. So I decided that when I don't have time to post my new cheap thrills I will post fun pictures of things that I have been doing, seeing, eating and enjoying.

My sweetheart and I just celebrated our 4 year anniversary (no not married) and we decided that we wanted to enjoy our environment! He lives.. aw sad I just googled it. 62.4 miles away!! Luckily he gets to live in beautiful San Diego where sometimes it should be named Pleasant ville! Although I love living here at home and getting to enjoy my parents because lets face it, my mom and I are best friends and my dad is the reason I wake up every morning, whether its to pick on him or not... I am a lucky is far from work and from him. While I am saving moo-lah to live closer in the mean time I am traveling, to and from work, sometimes Home, Work and the sweethearts then back home! (thanks for choosing a gas guzzler babe) But I love my life and I am blessed that I have a home, a job and a wonderful family.

So please forgive me for not updating my blog more often but I hope to start writing more...



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  1. Happy 4 year anniversary to you and your man! So exciting!