Thursday, April 12, 2012


Here is my past two-ish weeks..

Breakfast with the infamous Roundy Rounds. I adore her, her husband and her blog.

I don't adore this while I am doing it, but it feels great afterward! I don't do it everyday like I should, but I have high blood pressure and I figure its better doing this when I can than sitting and watching Real Housewives of everywhere for 30 minutes..

$3.99 each for a faux House of Harlow Necklace? Yes please. I love this necklace, I should have taken it out and shown all of the pieces flipped out but...below is one of me wearing it...

I was heading outside, I don't normally wear sunglasses indoors.

I got to play with this tiny adorable puppy, he likes to lay like this, very tough life as you can see :)

Easter Breakfast, I love fresh&easy for their fruits!

My sister and I found some cassette tapes that I used to tape all of the "hits" on, we heard Gwen Stefani and O-Town...I used to love recording while I slept so in the morning I had all the good songs haha

This beautiful little girl warms my heart. I have her a little trim since this was taken..

Don't you hate when you take off acrylics and it looks disgusting? To hide that I used a little glitter nail polish and they look fabulous if I do say so myself!

J.Crew Necklace in Turquoise

Up close

J.Crew necklace in grey

Up close

My work installed this beauty, free filtered water anyone? Yep.
Here is my past two-ish weeks..


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