Monday, May 28, 2012

Mani Monday!

I love for this reason...

Mani Mondays!
If you know me at all you know that I own an insane amount of beauty products. I own a little bit of everything but my kryptonite is Nail Polish. I have a little downstairs, a large amount in my bedroom, a little more in the bathroom, in my car, in my purse, a little in the guest room, a little in the downstairs bathroom and a few being fostered at my sisters homes. Well I keep buying more, here is why. I don't own every single color yet and I love to play with color! (I also love seeing my boyfriend cringe at another bottle, then tell me that he likes the color!)
So on my recent trip to Burlington Coat Factory I spotted four little bottles, they were so bright that I couldn't miss them and for $3.99 how could I leave these little lovelies sitting on the couch for someone else to take? No no, they came home with me. I have already used three of the colors and they are perfection.

A perfect lime green color, bright orange, insanely neon purple, and bright pink!
 Here is the bright pink color on my fingers.
The nail polish are the perfect creamy consistency that give off perfect color pay off, they don't get sticky when drying, and they are the perfect addition to a spring outfit. I love them! Way to go Color Club!


*I purchased these with my own money and my opinions are all mine*

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