Saturday, May 12, 2012

My fantastic week!

This week was amazing. Here is why.

1. One of the grant funded programs I work for was refunded for another 5 years. It is an amazing feeling. To be able work for these amazing students and help them achieve their dreams is quite an honor. I am beyond thrilled.

2. I found a new love that this precious little thing is called: New Girl. 
Sure her voice is a little unusual but now I am addicted to her, her hair, her glasses and the voice. Check it out! 

3. Etching Glasses.
 I will post a tutorial on this soon but I will tell you that I made 8 glasses in one night and they are perfect!! 

4. This new bag:
By: Segolene Paris. I adore this color and the gold hardware on it. It is so cute and springy!

5. Ikea Bags:
I am in love these because it makes cleaning my car really easy! I commute to work everyday, it is about 45 minutes away so I typically store 4-5 pairs of heels, 3 blazers and a jacket or two. Which makes for a cluttered car.. I finally cleaned it out and packed then unpacked the entire bag full of heels, wedges and flats.


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